My Twitter tirade

My Twitter tirade ~

Sporadically I add something to Twitter myself. And somehow I regret that. If you already want to launch a tirade, it is better to initiate or start conversations yourself. Every day I scroll through the timeline about 3 times to see if something comes along that – particularly – appeals to me.

It strikes me that I see so many messages from people I don’t follow or want to follow at all. Those are messages that don’t even get Retweeted, but messages that others ‘like’ that don’t really interest me.

Twitter’s focus has suddenly changed. Or is that called a change of algorithms?

It also strikes me that every Dutch person apparently has an opinion about our ‘exemplary politics’, speaking sarcastically. And the total lack of political opinions was my main reason for liking Twitter early on.

My timeline was about everything, actually, and it was mainly a networking tool. My timeline was nice and entertaining. It was always fun for me to find topics to blog about. For example.

Lately, mostly because of my disinterest in other people’s ‘likes’ and ‘political views’, I often don’t know how quickly I can get off Twitter. As if suddenly life ‘irl’ will and can fascinate me more.

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