Writing was literally what I had in mind when I started this blog. As a hearing impaired person with Philips earrings, communication has really become very important. For me. I only really come into my own through written channels.


I am Irene – my year of construction was 1967 – and I am a passionate writer since 2002. I write essays, columns and articles. Have already written a chick lit, I work in IT and, well, I still get conditioned at home by my feline friends.

This site shows my pace and journey in the world in the written word. And also, what it is like to become a better person.


You can mainly find shorter and longer blogs from my tube here. The blogs tell you a bit more about me. And they are not devoid of humor, action and romance.


I have a real website thanks to Irene. Damn handy aunt with good ideas, an all-seeing eye and she can write too. Anyway, you have to be able to handle such a website yourself. She helped me with endless patience, nothing was too much. And it was quite a lot. I’m a digital loser. Regularly something incomprehensible like plugins, for example, is adapted or installed. In addition to this technical ingenuity, Irene also creatively understands what your own website should radiate. I’m happy.

~ Ingeborg Baumann

A glimpse into Irene’s world of thought. Irene writes about feelings and topics that everyone knows, but that you cannot or do not dare to put into words. Irene dares and we are secretly jealous of her candor and enjoy the recognisability. You keep reading!

~ Diana van der Wal

An introverted lady with extroverted blogs. Dares to name what I would have slept on for another night. Never afraid to revise her clear opinion – where necessary. Sometimes I think: is that necessary now? Then again I realize that I wanted to say that. But yes, she is a female and I am a male from Mars.

~ Stephan Koopmans

An outspoken lady who has her opinion ready. And dares to be vulnerable by describing feelings that I do not find on any other blog. Her honesty and candor appeals to me. The best thing about Irene’s blog? The realization that life does not begin until after the age of 40, she is living proof of this.

~ Paul Sinnema

Irene is open, dares to be personal in her blogs and tackles tricky topics. I admire that in her. In addition, she is always updating her writing style and is developing like crazy. Irene belongs to blogland and vice versa!

~ Esther Donkers


Happy reading on my website.

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