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It is early this Sunday morning when I drink several cups of coffee and open up Facebook. That first photo is promptly that of the canine adoption group, with of course a sight of the most beautiful dog in the world, looking out into the world, oh so, eagerly. Recently I became also a loyal follower of several other, but then feline, adoption groups. And damn, I am absolutely unable to make a choice. Not one.

They are all so cute and sweet, at first glance. I want them all. But hey, that is of course not possible. But my poor heart sometimes has a hard time reading the story along with it. So I scroll away more often than not, again. “Time is not ripe yet”, I tell myself manly. After all, I still have a cat at home who deserves all the attention and love.

I could, of course, make short work of it and unsubscribe from those adoption groups. But somewhere my heart calls out that I am practicing ostrich politics.

This week cat Binkie had to throw out something in the form of vomiting, and then made a tumble. Which caused me to get so out of balance, because for a moment it seemed as if he had some form of epilepsy, suddenly, or was it some kind of TIA?

For the next few days I keep a frightening eye on my cat. Fortunately, those weird and nasty convulsions are no longer there. Yet my somewhat anxious heart knows that something awry could happen all of a sudden. And a life without cats, or even a dog, seems almost impossible to me.

Above all, I also remain secretly very interested in whether that fresh little bum could brighten up my already chaotic household. I just have to wait for that right moment and then strike. Although I already know that every choice I will have to make will be stressful. Ideally, I would like someone to assign me a dog or cat, as if that would ever happen. And then I also know that that choice process towards it is already a huge growth spurt on my part.

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