Expressions: show them to me

Expressions: show them to me ~

Facial expressions: a smile or a tear; I absolutely don’t want to miss them. I can’t afford to miss them. For me, it is a matter of survival. Because in the unlikely event that I could not hear you – as a hearing impaired person with Philips earrings – then before this perilous period without mouth masks, I could still lipread or convince myself that what I hear, is also confirmed. Precisely because of those facial expressions.

As a hearing impaired, it is a worrying phenomenon for me that the government urgently advises all of us to wear a face mask. I get it. I even understand. We need to get that damn Corona over with. And of course I would like to contribute to that. But ow ow… what a horrible handle such a mask is.

Would almost set to work on an invention, in which all human facial expressions are actually shown. Fortunately, there are people who have already done so. See that transparent mask in the photo above.

I would like to request almost all of humanity to wear that transparent mouth mask. I just ordered a few myself.

And I already think myself pretty tough and strong that I even put a sticker on it, with that signal that as a hearing impaired I really need that support.

Until then, when these caps arrive at my home, I go into hiding. And will desperately try not to worry too much about how we – as deaf and hearing impaired – can get through this coming period a bit lighthearted. I sincerely hope that humanity will be able to think and feel with us …

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