Not a girlish girl (tomboy material)

Not a girlish girl (tomboy material) ~

All my life I have had few friends because I am not a girlie kindish girl. I am more of a tomboy who has not grown up yet, or does not want to grow up and grow into a girlish man. 

I’m the kind that used to be allowed to play soccer with the boys in the neighborhood, because I was always the only neightbour girl in the street. That girl who didn’t cry when I thundered too wildly from the swing again, but got up laughing and went on. 

I often feel like an outsider and a bit intimidated when I am in the company of many ladies. While I often find their conversation material very funny, my own conversation material is of a very different nature. So I just shut up and listen – in silence – along. However, that often does not go down well, because I don’t tell much myself, especially when it concerns my feelings. 

On top of that, I am also a typical entrepreneurial daughter. So I cannot fully follow the conversations of other colleagues (‘the boss deserves money from me’). I therefore always have a different opinion, that of the entrepreneur himself, and that is often not appreciated. Better again in such a case is that I keep my opinion to myself. Who said that speaking is silver and silence gold…? 

I get really fed up with that sometimes, and I’ve often gone through all kinds of corners to prove myself wrong, by dressing like a girlish girl. But then again, appearances always fall through the basket very quickly, especially when the ladies in question get to know me a bit better, although I don’t speak much. 

Also, at the age of 52, I have never been married and have no children. Result is, I will be kept out very quickly, because there are few similarities that keep the ladies away from me. And the gentlemen are only too happy and too soon to think that I am on their car. The latter in particular is rather laughable. 

The average Dutchman is so convinced of himself and his masculine qualities that they think that if a woman smiles friendly, she wants Anschlüss right away. 

Notwithstanding the fact that by nature I am just that little girl who wants to be able to go through one door with everyone. 

I found a solution for that. Animals are not bothered by this hassle of humanity. And my feline boyfriend, the cat, thinks I’m absolutely and totally fabulous…

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