Those alarm bells are ringing louder

Those alarm bells are ringing louder ~
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This is going to be a bad news blog because life worries me more than ever. After all, things are not going well for women’s rights, especially in Afghanistan and communication, in terms of openness and understanding, in this world. Somehow, those alarm bells are ringing louder for me, because we are increasingly being taken a step back in time. We are actually being pushed into the old-fashioned side again. But why? We do live in 2021, darn it.

Take that Texas (USA) anti-abortion law. In Afghanistan NB an entire women’s ministry is being changed into old-fashioned and religious bullshit. And in terms of communication, opponents are simply eliminated, without possible rebuttal and on pain of banishment. And that applies to both the opponents and the tech giants.

And then it was quiet. Quiet? Although. The alarm bells are screaming at me internally.

This corona period has already taught us that irony is not very strange to us, after all, if you can say everything, it can also be laughed at hard and loudly. On the one hand, we all need to get the right information to us. And independently make that distinction between what we think is right or wrong.

On the other hand, the communication that is thrown around our ears, if we want to hear it at all, is not nice. Partly because of our beautiful Internet, a dichotomy arises between the mainstream and the so-called conspiracy theorists. Personally, I think all of that is allowed. After all, my personal bible (!) clearly states:

Communication is an open process of information exchange, in which the senders and receivers must both be able to receive and understand.

But the way in which we all seem to want to achieve goals in both behavior and policy is damned, looking one hell of a lot like politics. And then I find it very suspicious that we all want to play politicians independently, without standing up for the other person. Sigh! Where are our belches and protests? Where and when can I start myself?

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.” – Mark Twain

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