What’s in a title?

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It crept in slowly. For about 5 years now. Suddenly – especially the youth – address me as: “Madam”. Of course I should be happy about this. After all, everything is better than Miss. And at Christmas I received a Christmas card from an aunt of mine, gracefully addressed with: “Miss I…” Well, how old-fashioned can you be? Anyway, I digress.

I can’t really explain why I am so resentful when that damn well-behaved youth addresses me as “Madam”. I think it’s a bit overwhelming that people can see from me, apparently, that I now deserve that respectable title. Of course, I would have preferred that people always address me as Miss, after all.

So I took a critical look in the mirror and tried desperately to investigate why I was suddenly assigned that denominator. And there I saw it. A few gray eyebrow hairs. I desperately and quite ruthlessly pulled them out one by one. Ouch, that was a bit painful.

The trend these years is to dramatically accentuate the eyebrows. And since I don’t think that’s one of the best fashion trends, I left my own eyebrows alone. So, in the end I was punished a bit for that.

Let’s hope they do find my growing number of crow’s feet more charming…

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