What’s life like, these days?

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After a rocky and rainy Springtime, I am so looking forward to the Summer sunshines and rays. It seems there’s is no ending of last Autumn. It just keeps going on. And it is now effecting my good health.
I’ve been a little sick like the Flu is finally catching up with me, although my resilience is protesting high and low. I made a promise to myself to consume more vitamins.


As I care for my mother who soon hits 85, my days are pretty much covered. In the mornings I get up, usually quite early. I drink gallons of coffee, skip breakfast, and read much news online. Then, after that I get to look after myself as in getting dressed, after which I go to my mother’s home and help her out wherever I can. This is most time consuming as my elderly mother really does need more support in every field.

Then around lunch time I return back home to entertain myself with a bit of duties at home, or around work. Pretty often, that’s is most four times a week, I go back to my mother around dinner time to do the cooking. Of course, I could decide to do the cooking at home and bring her the occasional meal, but then we will both eat alone. It’s more fun to eat together.

Then after dinner I go back home again, to feed my cat Coco and do some serious relaxing, whether watching some tv or doing more things online.


In my work as a graphic and web designer I get the occasional questions. I can help people better organize their blog in the Dashboard. It makes me happy when they are grateful that I put in the effort and time. I even find it a pleasant activity. It all becomes too much for me if people are ambitious enough to also increase the DA score of their site. Or when people are too consumed with their SEO/SEA scores in the search machines.


Maybe that’s because I mainly see blogging as a hobby. It doesn’t have to make me money. I don’t have to earn it back either. For me it is purely about blogging as a form of expression. I literally want to force myself – because of my somewhat introverted nature – to tell what’s going on in my head. That cursor is patient enough for that. And sometimes it really leads me to being surprised at the outcome of every new blogpost. As if my typing fingers are trying to teach me something.

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