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Fortunately, I consider myself a woman with an attitude, rather than calling myself a feminist. However, yesterday’s court order with regard to abortion rules makes me feel like we have made a severe step back into the past, like some three hundred years or so.

Some words about my sexual experience

As I have never had sexual intercourse with any man, where the man suggested that we should both use protection. No, never in my life has it been a mutual decision, and I consider that a man’s shortcoming, personally. All men wanted free casual sex without fuss. A condom? No why, it is a fuss and a showstopper. Other means of protection? Also, fuss! But of course, that should tell you something about the men I’ve been dating so far.

So much for our different approach in sexual matters. But really, do the abortion rules today, as we speak, really have anything to do with sex?

I feel that some people are basically limiting half this world to live as freely as we could.

Are we getting nervous, gentlemen?

Because that is the underlying message I’m receiving today. Some conservative men amongst us are experiencing that the ground underneath their feet is on fire with all these female (pardon, human) rights ruling, these days. And their natural response is that they will again strike to pose limitations on their own shortcomings. And our way of life.

Blending in, finally

In the working sphere, I have always appreciated that both men and women work together. They complement each other naturally. We all blend in together, perfectly, it seems. Where male co-workers are stronger in that particular field, our female co-workers naturally make up for the rest. Of course, there are always certain exceptions, but in my point of view that has something to do with characters who never want to blend in, wherever they may go.

Speaking on behalf of half of this puzzle, I demand that we find an immediate solution for this giant step back in time. One that prevents judgment, so we can rely on humanity again.

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