How to preserve my own dinosaurs

How to preserve my own dinosaurs ~
Image by Frank P. from Pixabay

People just die, don’t they? Only recently my brother left this life and I must say I do not fully understand the concept of it. Death I mean.

I would have loved to have received a copy of his DNA-string. So in due time, I could simply ressurect him. In whatever form, young or old, that would be possible, I wouldn’t mind.

But not just him. My mother, who is still with us today at age 83, will undoubtedly also leave the face of this earth someday. And if I may say so, she is quite the dinosaur I do not want to ever miss.

What if, one day, I will wake up and the most significant people in my life won’t be here any longer? I would find myself lonely and miserable. Longing for wisdom they had and I didn’t.

So my mind wanders off so now and then, just remembering Jurassic Park and DNA-strings. And then not to have a clue as to where science is, these days. I believe firmly, that it should be possible to preserve people, and/or our pets. And to be able to fix them, or deseases that they died from, in due time.

And then to live happily ever after, with my own dinosaurs. That would mean heaven on earth.

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