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I often wonder where and how I can find my inspiration again, best practice. Till I read this, this evening.

To be silent the whole day, see no newspaper, hear no radio, listen to no gossip, be thoroughly and completely lazy, thoroughly and completely indifferent to the fate of the world is the finest medicine a man can give himself.

~Henry Miller, Book: The Colossus of Maroussi

Stolen seconds

And then I remember those stolen seconds, minutes, parts of the day, when I indulge myself in this sheer laziness. To be silent and to listen to a few birds singing in the early morning hours. And just pick up on their vibes.

Sometimes I find this active laziness a complete and utter must to regain my own posture. Sometimes in that silence I experience an immediate urgency to feel happy for just that moment. And it’s not even a must to feel happy. I feel and am downright happy. Even if it is just for that moment.

With the 24/7 economy and during this summer the press’ cucumber times, I can feel relieved to be away from all that, for just that spell. When at other times, I do feel inclined to absorb every little detail that this world brings in. What hassles and what confusion it may present at any moment, it’s quite a relief to be away from all that, every once a while.

And not just on an average Sunday morning.

I wrote 1,001 unfinished books

Within those stolen moments I can write one single book, or many more, and a whole lot more blogposts. They always seem to remain unfinished. And not written, yet. They always seem to live in my brain. Alive and kickin’ for the right moment to pen down. Thus, the next exercise would be to put it in actual writing, because my brain no longer accepts that writer’s block.

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