My genuine love for cats

My genuine love for cats ~
From my own collection

So far, so good. During my adult life, already 5 cats adopted me to be their housemaid. The one that provides cuddles, drink, food and candy. I’m pretty sure they like my company, for they don’t seem to plan an early escape.

I must have been pretty young when I found out that cats and I make a good team. Because my favorite aunt, who had two daughters my age, often invited me to stay some nights and days. And Topsy, their cat, always kept me company during the lonely nights. It’s as though he knew that a village’s silence was not easy to endure for a city girl.

Then when I moved on my own, and my brother got himself a Berner Sennendog, I became really envious. But then I had a job, so a dog would have been a huge mistake.
Then one day my mother showed up with a tiny basket. From which I could hear a lot of protesting sounds in the form of meows.
They were my first set of cats, red Max and black Xam, as I called them. Just to make sure, I would not be mistaken about their names.
They were huge Norwegian forest cats. And when I say huge, I mean h.u.g.e. Their characters were also not mistakenly grand. They were arrogant and outspoken. And they housetrained me in every way in order to become their perfect housemaid.

As I still had to learn a lot about feline friends, I suddenly had to cope with litter boxes, playing, cuddling and molesting my furniture. They would, small as they were, crawl up my legs on the kitchen sink when I would be preparing their dinners. My legs had loads of scratches everywhere and the scars are still visible to this day.

Max lived up to 14 and my heart broke when I had to let go of him. Fortunately, Xam understood my misery. And comforted me till he was 19.

In the mean time, one of my befriended neighbour ladies, found herself pregnant. And in dire need to get rid of her own cattle. She introduced me to Spookie and Blinkie and I was sold, right there and then. Just to make sure, I went to a vet to check if Xam would be able to endure these new younger attributions to my household. And when the vet said, it was going to be okay, I then allowed them 2, a male and female, to adopt me officially.

Spookie, my female teddybear, got really sick right during X-mas season a few years ago and I’ve had to let her go. I’d swear to you, that she took a part of me with her to cats’ Heaven. Blinkie also died of old age and I missed him so much that I’d sworn to myself to never have cats again.

However… this cat blood is thicker than water. And about a year ago I checked this particular ad with a stunning white female cat. I was lost immediately, you can imagine. I sent the parting family a heartwarming story, and the next day I was allowed to come pick her up.

Of all my cats so far, Coco, as I call her royal whiteness, is the sweetest and bitchiest.
When she’s fed up cuddling she will start playfully biting me, most everywhere. Which is the first time, a cat ever bit me. I can correct her. She will listen. She knows candy and where to find them. And how to beg for them, from day one.

When I think about it, I think I will make for a good housemaid for cat life in this household for probably the rest of my life. And it is such a pity they do not grow the same age, because the heart breaks are downright impossible to overcome. So much for losses. In the mean time, the joys they brought me are equally high.

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