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Sometimes, life on this planet blows my mind so much that I don’t dare to feel so bold and happy. Because hey, the downs are very deep, and the ups very high. But why is life so fickle?

That, of course, depends a little on the nature of this beast. A little, I said. Only recently did I begin to understand di Mamma’s remark: “Everything in moderation, young lady!”

Such a remark does not seem appropriate to someone who is certainly hot-blooded. But I think I finally know what di Mamma means. Of course she knows better than anyone that life has enormous ups and downs, you don’t have to contribute to that yourself.

I’m a lucky girl

This week I was appalled about several things. Big and small. I can’t solve most of those issues, take climate change and environmental conditions for example. I can get very disappointed that the sun isn’t shining for a while, and that this damn summer seems to be coming to an end, before long. But even I now see that we all have to work very hard to save this planet from our own disfigurement. I even want to make a case for that now, in what sense or form that is or could be possible. (She said boldly!)

In between, I solve my small daily irritations as quickly as possible, because I too can only ‘handle’ so much at one time. It only becomes fun when those small irritations that can be solved become a trip down memory lane, and are therefore easy to solve. Sometimes solutions are difficult, and sometimes you snap your fingers and it’s done. Simply. As in; seen that, done that, been there. And finally: problem solved.

But it sometimes annoys me that those solutions are sometimes tough cookies and then again sometimes too easy to pull off. Just as it pains me that those damn downs can be so deep, and the ups so triumphantly happy and beautiful. I then wonder, why sometimes so difficult, when it could also be an easy accomplishment.

And then suddenly I know why. You honestly wouldn’t be able to enjoy those beautiful ups so much if there were no downs. Because that is real life. That way, and not otherwise.

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