Coco’s little secrets

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I lose Coco, my feline cat friend, quite often, although I often hear vague noises at a distance. But today I searched and found her in my bathroom. She was playing with my shower drain. She gets it out miraculously every time. And then she throws and rolls with it like she loves it.

And then I thought that perhaps she has/had contact via that drain with the other feline species that can be found above and below me in this apartment complex. I then fantasize that they can somehow communicate with each other, without us as humanoids hearing or understanding anything about it.

Take last week, for example, when one of the neighbors’ cats sat in front of my front door. The blackish mutt was completely shocked that I suddenly walked out of my front door to go to an appointment elsewhere. But that explains why Coco often sits at the door. And the other one often stays nearby.

Somehow my imagination runs wild. I want to see that those feline creatures communicate with each other and that apparently works great from the bathroom, because it reverberates a little there. I suddenly see entire scenarios in which they share their experiences about those stupid humanoids. Their staff. Their slaves. Their fellow residents.

So I am very curious about what they really think and feel. Sometimes I wish they could actually talk to us. Who knows what kind of spectacles that would produce? In Coco’s case I just think that I might be talking all day.

How beautiful would that be?!

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