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Whenever I read the news again, I really don’t miss that feeling of despair afterwards. I would prefer to flee. Escape from this chaos. Of wars. What people do to each other. Which is not necessary. Well, I really believe that there should be room for everyone. For everything that lives, blooms and grows.

So I am inclined to escape into daydreams. Those daydreams are visions and usually very peaceful, I can tell you. I always feel perfectly happy in that.

My new order

I usually dream about a ‘new established order’. That order will bring a new world peace. Where there is no room for religion, but there will be room for spirituality. Where there is no place for power, where everyone is equal, and philosophical thoughts dominate. Where money is simply – quite simply – a medium of exchange. Have I forgotten anything?

I also dream about people who no longer get involved in the hustle and bustle, but (well, I’m an over-aged Hippy after all) who enter into relationships without any rights or obligations. These new social norms and laws are perfectly aimed at freedoms among each other. And that always goes well. People accept each other in this new ‘established order’. People no longer want to change each other or exercise power over the other. No. We will really live together in perfect harmony.

Even the policies and regulations regarding the weapons industry will change significantly. From country to country, and debates about arms control, peace negotiations and the ethical aspects of the industry may remain topical, but weapons are only used against entities that are alien to us. As I think it should ultimately be intended, as a shield and not as an exercise of power, because ‘power’ will no longer exist. No, that aim is a completely new amendment. Everything for the sake of love and togetherness.

And even in the context of politics, there are no longer national leaders, but a world government that is mainly concerned with improvement and ideologies that can make our lives even better and even ‘richer’ in the context of the progress of this planet.

We no longer work in order to survive. No, we work to use our talents, achieve financial security within the usual working week and contribute to the community. In that ‘order’ the economy will also be very dynamic and ‘rich’ and we will be socially assisted if things don’t go well for a while, which of course will not happen because there are no rights but also no obligations that are so pressing that people will be in danger of going down under. That time is in the past. After all.

The state of things

So you see, daydreams can be so enjoyable and creative. For me, it often helps me process my emotions. Emotions that are all too often helped ‘zum Kloten’ by our turbulent existence – and in this world order. Complex inner stories and the associated scenarios are absolutely no stranger to me. And I can hardly wait for the next daydream…

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