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As I walk, a leaf drifts down slowly from the tree next to me, and at the same time I wonder, if that leaf that gets lost hurts the tree. Apart from the fact that this turbulent weather is all my thing, I suddenly get the urge to hug the tree to make up for the loss a little. A little pensive on my part. Or should I realize that focusing on the foliage beneath my feet is a more legitimate way to enjoy this Fall season?

This way I can get quite off my path every now and then. And seeing things that others might not see or even think this way. That’s a bit of a sensitive nature that occasionally plays up a little. Because who thinks of a tree that could suffer pain if it loses a leaf?

Sometimes I have such a tendency to think that there is a soul behind everything. Yes, even in my magic box (what others call a computer), I would swear, a soul reigns. Some days that soul is very well disposed towards me, but other days I would swear the thing hates me. Quite understandable with the hours he (yes, a computer seems to be male) works here.

The mere idea that there is a soul in or behind everything makes me often more empathetic towards what I am using at that moment. But of course, it could also be that I was crazy from Lotje. And concentrate a little more on a focus.

Then again: the search for physical evidence of something that is essentially immaterial is less marginal than is sometimes thought. So that focus of mine doesn’t even seem that crazy. Although it does not yet prove anything about immaterial matters that occupy me sometimes and most likely, at the craziest moments.

The answer to all these questions will probably never be found. And maybe that’s for the best. In France they shout: “Le joi de vivre c’est la response aux questions stupide” (which means: “Joy of living is the answer to stupid questions”).

A song to illustrate this: “Some days are better than others” by U2:

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