For days now I have been holding my breath almost continuously. And at any time of such a missed breath, I can dedicate yet another blog post to how happy and relieved I would be if the current US President was “dismissed”. Fortunately many with me. While I am normally absolutely not politically committed, you might say.

It also started well, with a video in which the man braggingly claimed that every woman loves to be touched in the crotch by him. After that I did not give him any new chance that I might give anyone else. And I am one of them, because I really believe that everyone should be given multiple opportunities in life and in their job.

Although I never got to know this man personally, I knew immediately enough. So it will come as no surprise to you that I myself am most surprised at my own dissatisfaction with this US President. I have rightly read every news about the US, and about its acting in particular, with rising indignation and contempt (that too) for the past 4 years.

Something inside of me is therefore very pleased that there has been maximum voting and, yes, even, about all those votes that still have to be counted. I think this party can last for weeks. As long as that excruciatingly slow drop is thrown onto Trump’s ocean again and again. And eventually he can move to hopefully a piece of nowhere land where he can spend the rest of his life playing golf. The latter now seems to me the safest for the rest of us all.

Nevertheless, I will continue to refrain from any opinion whatsoever about the possible winner of these elections and other political situations. After all, the best helmsmen are still on the sidelines. I realize that.

It is merely that we can finally breathe a sigh of relief and ask: “So, what’s next?”

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