On their way

bird walking
Photo by Matthis Volquardsen on Pexels.com

The swan spread her wings in shock as the car behind her honked briefly. In the middle of the road, she blocked the path of a few cars, causing a traffic jam, which soon showed a tendency to congestion.

The swan took her time, looked around to see if her 4 followers, probably her family, would also cross this road.

I think that’s a wonderfully beautiful image that just lingers. Nature, which for a moment demands, even claims, priority over our somewhat offending rat race. The swan and her entourage had gotten somewhat lost here in our wooded area on the most southern tip of Haarlem, Holland.

Because whether they knew it or not, this walk was not entirely without risk. And painfully slowly they crossed this busy road to reach the opposite ditch.

Afterwards, I beat myself up for not taking the time to capture this image in a photo.

That image of a tooth-grinding and hurried motorist who at such a moment has to show some understanding. And that he should give such a beautiful swan family every opportunity to complete the crossing at their own pace. And all those cars behind it that guarantee a traffic jam. Even if a swan then decides that she can take a nap in the middle of that road.

Inwardly I die for a moment. I spit it out internally. That makes my day – if only for a short while – completely good.

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